The FACES project was created by Jan Ising. Based on his theatrical education and 30y experience as a international event-designer Jan developed FACES as an interdisciplinary piece of art to unite different artists and participants into one active project. Based on social competence and tolerance. „If we take a closer look at our existence, we will live better together. Opening your eyes can help.“

Jan was born in Hamburg in 1964 and has his home base in Düsseldorf today. In addition to FACES, he runs his light art agency | www.lettherebelight.net and, together with Bernd Spiecker, produces the well-known LightCubeObjects | www.lightcubeobjects.com that have found a worldwide presence.

Our visual language and the communicated message is created by Jan Ising in cooperation with Tom Bechtloff and Lukas Loss | www.bewegtbildhelden.de, the photos are taken by Michael Lübke | www.wasfuersauge.de and the sound is composed by Lucas Croon.





In 2011 FACES started in cooperation with the photographer „Der Dehmel“ from Berlin and Bartosz Navarra who developed the first generations of our video-art-trailers and took the photos through the first cities. The first run was supported by the „Festival of Lights“ in Berlin and was presented directly on the famous Potsdamer Platz presented through the Major of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit.