Actual we are happy to announce that we have been invited to produce FACES OF DÜSSELDORF as a part of the famous cultural „Düsseldorf Festival“. A powerful statement by private supporters. A strong signal for community and social tolerance through all participants.

First run: 12. August 2020, Burgplatz Düsseldorf

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Press contact

Jan Ising
Schwanenmarkt 12
40213 Düsseldorf

Tel.: +49 171 520 22 36

Short History of faces

FACES was born as „FACES OF BERLIN“ and started with a great success at the Festival of Lights. In summer 2012 we`ve been invited to Israel and created „FACES OF JERUSALEM“ in the historical center of the Old City of Jerusalem. Followed by the „FACES OF THE NETHERLANDS“ during Glow-Festival in Eindhoven, „FACES OF CASCAIS“ in Portugal, „FACES OF LAUSANNE“ in Switzerland

Especially today, when faces disappear behind masks, FACES  is a sign not to forget the people behind them.