FACES is a multicultural-video-art-project created and directed by Jan Ising.
The Face of a city is much more than just a few prominent persons. We think, that every person, every building, every monument, the architecture and the history is a important piece to create the identity of a place. We, as human beings are ONE species designing and controlling this world today. It doesn`t matter what color our skin might have and in what each of us individuals might believe in. We are responsible to live in peace and secure the future of this world. This is what FACES makes visible.

FACES is integrating all mankind at each place we might appear, collecting local identities as the "FACES OF your place" We integrate as many different faces of each venue that will get connected in the video presentation on our giant 3-dimensional surface "the universal face" of 8x4.5m The emotional video-language we are using is created by Bartosz Navarra.
Personality, Identity, interactive multimedia and some Entertainment are the ingredients of each production.

2011 we started with a great success at the Festival of Lights in Berlin with our first presentation "FACES OF BERLIN" In summer 2012 we`ve been invited to Israel and created "FACES OF JERUSALEM" in the middle of the Old City of Jerusalem.
In November 2012 we've been invited to the Lightfestival GLOW in Eindhoven and took the chance to create the "FACES OF THE NETHERLANDS".

Actual e are preparing already 2 new cities and "FACES 2.0" using APPs to be able to integrate much more and spontaneously reacting people and we hope that FACES will be in your city soon.

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